philip and muriel berman sculpture park

philip and muriel berman sculpture park











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  • PineappleMom

    I got strange looks from every staff member I asked about the Sculpture Garden. Finally an old-timer said "Oh yeah, they did have some pieces out there years ago, but they all got moved and scattered around for the construction". There were a few odd pieces here and there about the grounds, but odd is the operative word-the 4 pieces I found (dodging traffic and commuters all the while) were all quite embarassing-shoddy work that would get the artist a failing grade in any undergraduate sculpture class. If these people do have world class sculptures anywhere, they are keeping them well hidden! Stay away! (Unless you are sick-the hospital itself is top-notch).

    2010-04-25 00:00:00发表

  • bobsjers

    There seems to be some confusion about this display. Here is what I found. Most of the sculptures are in the woods behind the residence house (across the street from the hosplital receiving department.) There are a few more scattered around the hospital grounds. There are no signs for it.The area is pretty neglected. They cut the grass near the path and remove trees that block the path. However, the sculptures themselves are not in great shape. One of them has a fallen tree on top of it. At the end of the trail, there is a stack of damaged sculptures. I am not an art critic, but many of the sculptures are just slabs of stones, many in forms of benches. The more interesting ones are the ones scattered around the grounds. It would be great if a nearby college would restore the area, repair the sculptures and perhaps add a few more.Purely as an art, it is probably not worth seeing. But if you enjoy nature and walks and interesting things, I recommend seeing it. Bring insect repellent.

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  • Pennsylvania27

    I was in the area and had some extra time, and decided to take a look. I enjoyed the sculptures that I did see, but it was hard to find the others. If you need something extra to do, then I would suggest coming.

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  • JimK739

    Park was ok, A lot of low class rift raft, afraid of getting mugged, good thing I have a CCW. Need more of a police presense to get rid of the fear

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