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  • Maxx_VVO

    Классический большой торговый центр в пригороде Аллентауна. Среди магазинов и бутиков есть практически все: от китайских/итальянских ресторанчиков до ювелирных магазинов и массажных салонов.Большой выбор брендовых бутиков, много спортивной одежды и аксессуаров, в т.ч. магазины для местных фанатов и, конечно, FootLocker трех видов (общий, детский и женский). Неплохой салон оптики на первом этаже, цены в полтора раза ниже чем в России, плюс разные добрячки в виде талонов со скидкой до 20$ на следующую покупку.Есть гиганты типа MACY's, Boscor's и JCPenney. Там вообще словами не описать сколько всего... На первом этаже большой книжный магазин Barnes&Noble.Если без лирики: очень удобное место "все-в-одном" с огромной парковкой. Местами ловит бесплатный Wi-Fi. Рекомендуется к посещению любителям шоппинга.Всем приятных ПутеШествий!

    2014-10-24 00:00:00发表

  • dimagodirector

    Recent opportunity to shop at this mall was coupled with housing search. Initially, my fiancé and I stopped in to just see what was offered. This turned into an afternoon of shopping at over 100+ different stores that continued into an outdoor mall adjacent to the indoor mall, that included an Apple Store, fine clothing, as well as chain restaurants and hotels. This is a mall designed for the shopper that seeks quality products, social activities, as well as fine dining. An incredible experience that would recommend to anyone seeking such needs to determine what is available to the consumer looking to live there, as well as a weekend getaway to just enjoy a shopping excursion.

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  • amethyst1875

    I drove a distance to the Apple store (which I don't recommend) for a repair and ended up trapped in the mall for an entire day (they're not quick at the Apple Store). The layout is nice. The restrooms were fairly clean. There's an indoor mall and an outdoor lifestyle area - or something in that regard. It's a combination of the indoor shopping experience that some say is dead and the outdoor sidewalk style that others say is dead. In one of the coldest winters on record I'm all for the indoor experience. In warmer weather the outdoor could be nice. It had more upscale stores and 2 restaurants - as well as the Apple store. Inside the mall was a Ruby Tuesday, deli, pretzel stand & other walk-up food offerings. In the outdoor area you can park closer to what you need to get to. Right now, it's just ice and snow with nowhere to park, though. As far as malls go, I'd rate this one pretty well. It's not enormous, but will have most everything a mall should.

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