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  • jessecat_10

    The Lehigh County Heritage Center in Allentown, PA, is a small museum with lots to offer. We have seen several exhibits there, but a very memorable one was the Lincoln exhibit several years ago. It was a comprehensive exhibit with artifacts, photographs, and other memorabilia of our 16th president. It is a worthwhile place to spend an afternoon.

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  • CarlWCol

    Want to know why PA. may be the world's next oil giant? The unmatched majesty of our Hess's Dept. Store, famous actors portraying a likely debate Jefferson Davis & Abe Lincoln might have had discussing the pros & cons of beliefs, which lead to the Civil War.

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  • Pnemiller

    This building houses much history of Lehigh county and has interesting temporary exhibits at times--baseball is the area, Lincoln artifacts, presidental history, etc. It is run by the Historical Society and is on the same property as the historic Trout Hall built in 1770.

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  • JamesDMo

    This center was very impressive. Lehigh County has very interesting history and they have done an excellent job in portraying it. Beautiful and informative exhibits. Much higher quality than one would usually expect in a county museum.The adjacent Library has a real expert in local history and archives who is adept at helping one research family history in the area.

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  • HermanK449

    My wife and I visited the Center today and found it fascinating. It is well done and ven we as non-Americans could follow and understand. I hope that US Citizens are proud of the Center - you need to be.

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  • tank1050

    This is a small place in the middle of downtown, but it has some real nice informative displays. The admission is not large. We enjoyed the Lincoln artifact and photo exhibit, but be advised that this will be leaving shortly, but I'm sure will be replaced. The Revolutionary war exhibit was nice. The history of the Lehigh Valley is quite informative especially for those of use who live there. My only negative comment would be that the exhibit runs on into the exhibits of energy and America's first female general officer. Despite this we thoroughly enjoyed our time here. The staff was friendly. Parking is behind the building but check the website on how to find it, because of all of the one way streets and small side streets.

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  • JoeyB407

    Every library is different so save time by asking for assistance in navigating the publications. If you tell them what you are looking for, they will lead you to specific pubs. The library is located in a building that also has museums and books for sale. Parking is free behind the building. We used a coupon and got $1 off the entrance fee (we paid $5 each). You can use a laptop but bags and purses are to be stored in lockers (free). There was no time limit on how long we could use the library. No scanners or photos are allowed and it was 55 cents for a photocopy. I didn't have enough time to research everything I would have liked, but did find the one thing I hoped to get from the trip! (death date and burial location of an ancestor). That meant another road trip to a cemetery where we found several ancestors - and it was not a cemetery we would have looked in without first going to LCHC.

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  • 754leom

    If you like local history and background on the area this is a good place to start. My wife was more into it than I was and her rating would be higher. There is an historical building on site that we wanted to see but it was not open that day which was disapointing.

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  • LindaR409

    Displays are well assembled and informative. The library is a wonderful assembly of a world full of information for the researcher and history lover. Great place to learn about the Lehigh Valley and their speakers are very educational and interesting. What a treasure!

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  • barroske

    We decided to visit the museum to see the Mort Kunstler display. The gentleman at the ticket desk explained the benefits and value of membership, so we signed up to become members and received a free Mort Kunstler calendar. The museum itself is small. The displays are interesting and well done. The viewing of the Kunstler paintings was not as big as I would have liked, but I'm glad we went.Overall, the museum is small, but very nice. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I'm glad we became members.

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  • Poodle_Mommy

    This is a nice little museum, it has a lot of exhibits of the history of the local Allentown PA area, for locals, it is pretty cool to see how the town has grown up over the years, and to see things that really no longer exist. There are sometimes special exhibits. Parking is an issue, there are few parking spaces behind the building, but they are difficult for someone from out of the area to find, since there are a lot of one way streets surrounding the building. If you can find parking, it is a quiet museum and you will have plenty of time to meander through the exhibits. Sometimes people who work there will be in the area and will provide more information on the exhibits and answer any questions you may have...I found that very enjoyable.

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