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Two-hundred acres of more than 100 rides, games, restaurants and Wildwater...

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  • 159JohnP

    As the cold winter weather moves toward warm sunny days, amusement parks such as Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom in Allentown, PA will soon be advertising season pass rates and ramping up for the season. We all want to know that our children will be safe when we allow them to take advantage of some of the most thrilling rides in the nation, but are they safe at Dorney Park ?The answer can be found in the history of the Park, the on going maintenance that is performed on all their attractions and the tremendous approval reccomendation record for all their rides. Approval for all their attractions are granted by the Amusement Ride Safety Board, which comes under the Dept. of Agriculture in Harrisburg, PA. The answer to " are they safe " is a resounding YES ! PA and neighboring states residents can feel very comfortable in sending their children to Pennsylvania amusement parks such as Dorney and others such as Hershey Park, Knobel's and even the traveling carnaval and midway shows that perform within the commonwealth. The Pennsylvania model for Amusement Ride Safety has been copied by many other states as the most comprehensive and thorough inspection process in the nation.So, this summer, go ahead and enjoy our PA amusement rides without any fear. Except the fear that is deliberately built into a roller coaster that is designed to make you scream !

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  • Musiclady4947

    Our Middle School Show Choir visited Dorney Park that involved a Music Competition. The students loved the park - clean, plenty rides of all kinds, good food, good times had by all!

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  • HannonFamily

    Kids aged 4,7&9. The water park was brilliant & Snoopy area for the 4yo but the 7 & 9 yo were disappointed with the lack of rides they could go on. If we visited again we would probably spend more time in the water park or wait until the kids are older. The park was clean & although very busy it was not uncomfortably crowded.

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  • 584ernestg

    So much to see and do.Water park is great place to cool off and relax.Great rides, good food and very safe.

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  • 212dianec

    Way too expensive-both admission and food/drinks-but plenty of variety. It pays to buy season passes.

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  • tinayas2015

    I absolutely LOVE Dorney Park! My whole family loves this place and we try to get together and go as a group as often as possible. It can be a little pricey, but you can purchase Season Passes which are a VERY good deal if you plan on visiting the park more than just a few times throughout the season. The amusement area of the park is a lot of fun, there's a good amount and variety of rides to choose from. The lines can be long, but not ridiculously long. The food is pretty pricey but that is normal for amusement parks, and the food and deserts are actually really tasty. There is an area called Camp Snoopy for the young kids of the family. It's a neat little area with rides for those who are too young and/or too small for the big rides.The water park area of Dorney is great! You can store your belongings in a rented locker or you can bring them with you. There is a huge wave pool that's fun for all ages, from shallow water of less than an inch all the way to about 6 feet or so. The water slides and water rides are super fun. They also have a lagoon ride that is calming and relaxing if you want to just sit back and chill out in an inner tube for a while. I could stay in the water park all day here. There are also a lot of different games available for those who like the carnival aspect of the park. If you like games, Dorney has plenty to choose from. The games for young kids even have "Win Every Time" types of games for the tots. If you are looking for great fun for the whole family Dorney Park is one of the best places to go for you to find just that!

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  • dmfurey

    Dorney Park is an exciting place, whether it's a couple, or family. There is something to enjoy for everyone. My spouse and I go just to have a good time together alone and go with our children and enjoy both the amusement park side; as well as the Waterpark side.

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  • 535JohnV

    Gets crowded. We have season passes. We go first thing in the morning, hit everything and then get out before the crowds jam in.

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  • katkief1255

    I like Dorney because it has plenty of rides for young and old and a waterpark too!It's close to my house so buying a Season Pass is a must! I've also planned several events there using the pavillions and the wait staff was great and the place is always clean.

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  • X7325BTlees

    Dorney has been part of our family summers since I was a small child. The park is well run, clean, and updated just about every year. The biggest issue is that the costs have gone up and it is much more crowded with folks from well out of the area any more. It's lost a bit of the local feel, but is still a great amusement park, and has lots of great coasters.

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  • O6334YJrichardc

    Well worth the drive to turn into a long day trip. Between the rides, water park, and shows there is lots to like for every member of the family.

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  • latidiar

    Whether you go there day or night you will have an outstanding time.The longer you stay the more fun you will experience.

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